What Makes Us Different

We are much more than
a school or certificate program.

Want to know what makes us different?

College CS Degree

Holistic education,
predominatly not skills-based

For top-tier high
school students

4 years long

Schedule depends
on class availability


Student responsibility (loans) -
pays regardless of job outcome

Not job-focused

No stipend

Holistic, skills-based
education for software development

For anyone

24 weeks long

Weekdays 10:00am - 5:00pm
(or 7am - 10pm if you want
to work longer)

2.5% to 21% of first three years' salary

Financed by Learners Guild
- repayment
hinges on successful
student employment


Up to $1500/month stipend


Quick 'finishing school'

Has a degree,
looking to brush up

10-12 weeks long

Put life on hold,
work 7 days a week,
around the clock


Student responsibility (loans) -
pays regardless of job outcome


No stipend


Adults shouldn't be taught like children

We give feedback, not grades. We favor collaboration over competition.

Coding is a team sport

It takes diverse perspectives and experiences to create the software the world needs.

Learning is lifelong

Technology is constantly changing; it’s not what you know today, but what you can learn tomorrow.

Our program

A succcessful career takes more than technical skill

Build self-leadership and grow into a highly effective developer in our integrated social-emotional intelligence, meta-learning, and career development workshops.

The Technical Program

Our technical learning program has two phases that follow the arc of your growth as a web developer.

Refine foundational web development skills on collaborative full stack projects.

Then apprentice under experienced engineers on live systems, or self-direct your own project with a team of leaders and expert guidance.


Work on full stack projects
Develop best practices
Get pair programming training


Develop and deploy live systems under the apprenticeship of senior engineers

Our curriculum is supported by frontendmasters.com