Our mission is to give everyone
access to a dignified livelihood.

Today, millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed. At the same time, there are currently hundreds of thousands of unfilled, high-paying, software engineering jobs. Our goal is to create a model that reduces friction and risk to help people reinvent themselves, and take full advantage of the unment demand for over 1.4M software engineering jobs that are estimated to be created in the next four years alone.

As a public benefit corporation, we seek to:

Create a program that
advances our skills with a
culture that draws out the
best in us.
Provide opportunity for
anyone who is willing
and able to become a
software developer.
Generate a
dignified livelihood
for everyone.


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Our learning environment is self-organizing, rigorously
goal-driven, and personally and professionally rewarding.
Here are the current number of learners in each level:

At Learners Guild we bet on anyone that has the drive and dedication to become a professional software developer. We are also betting that by building a new radically accessible on-ramp into the tech industry that we will also contribute to a workforce that is available to everyone.

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A career in tech can have a transformative effect on an individual's income.
The average starting salary for a junior software developer is $75k.